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Mission Immersion 15.2 – Wish You Were Here by Badfinger

February 10, 2012

Warner Bros 1974

Joey Molland is to Badfinger what Mike Love is to the Beach Boys – he’s the band member who, in retrospect, stifled creativity in his misguided attempts to take the reigns as leader. I should probably note that if I come off as anti-Molland sometimes, it probably has to do with my one experience meeting the man. When Joey Molland’s Badfinger (yes, it’s a thing) came to play City Park in my hometown of Manhattan, KS, I brought my vinyl copy of Wish You Were Here along for him to sign. Even though I had just read Without You: The Tragic Story of Badfinger and was aware of all his misdeeds within the band, he was one of only two surviving members at the time (he’s the only one now), so I had to take advantage. However, when I gave him my record and told him to make it out to Cameron, I was livid when I later realized he had made it out to “Kenny”. Though it irked me for a while, over time I have come to appreciate it as living proof of Molland’s legendary arrogance. It was the perfect Joey Molland experience, one I am reminded of every time I bust out my copy of this record. (more…)

Mission Immersion 15.1 – Ass by Badfinger

February 7, 2012

Apple 1973

The whole point of rock and roll may be to have fun, but this pretense often overshadows the very real dangers of the music business. The majority of people who “make it” in the rock world are very young and that’s always been the norm, but there are several reasons for this. The obvious one, and the one most people think about, is the fact that the young and fresh-faced are generally the people others will pay the most money to see. Youth is an attractive force – when we are in our youth, we want to be around more of it; when we are old, we struggle to reclaim it. But there is a darker side to the allure of youth in rock. Without a good amount of dumb, young souls to mislead and misuse, many in the music business would have very limited resources. Badfinger (one of the best, most fucked-over bands in history) were exploited and flat out robbed from day one, and the main thing that kept them from doing anything about it was the same sort of blind trust that has always led young people into dangerous situations. (more…)

Mission: Immersion 10.0 – Wheels In Motion by Any Trouble

January 6, 2012

Stiff 1981

I truly love Power Pop with all my heart, thanks to early weanings on Big Star, The Posies, The Beatles and things of that nature. There’s a downside to it, though – more than almost any other genre of music, it can seem very contrived when not done right. This is because generally, the people who make Power Pop are extremely gung ho about it, and are dedicated to keeping it alive. This is a good thing, but dedication is not the same as inspiration, and if you’re too dedicated and not inspired enough, the idea pool gets pretty shallow. (more…)

The Best of 2011: Part Six

November 8, 2011

Sour Mash Records

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

The breakup of Oasis led to two of 2011’s most hotly anticipated albums – the debut of vocalist Liam Gallagher’s new band Beady Eye, and the first solo outing from his brother, Noel. However, each record was met with different sorts of anticipation. When the Beady Eye release was announced, the eagerness of fans to hear it was more of a manifestation of nervousness for Liam: Could he really make a good album without Noel? Would the remaining ex-Oasis members be enough to fill in the cracks? And for the most part – perhaps because people set their expectations pretty low – it seemed to please fans to a certain extent. But the hubbub surrounding Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds was altogether different, the sort that makes artists nervous. (more…)

Power Pop on the Rise? We’ll See.

June 27, 2010

Downtown Records 2010

One Haven Music 2010

It seems Power Pop might actually be undergoing a sort of resurgence. WhatwhatWHAAAT? How can this be? I mean, for something to have a resurgence, it must have been popular in the past at some point, right?

OK, so maybe a different word is necessary. However you describe it, those old Beatle-esque jangle-pop sounds are coming back into music again, and I like it! Well, most of it. (more…)

The Top Ten Record Makers of Today

April 5, 2010

As we enter this new decade, it is already apparent that in the rock production world, a changing of the guard is at hand. There is a whole new batch of producers, engineers, songwriters and arrangers that are setting a new standard for music today, and thanks to them, it seems we’ll have many more years of memorable tune-age to expect. This list compiles the people who, in my mind, currently stand out as the ones to watch, for their future potential as much as their already impressive achievements. (more…)

Listening Log: March 12th thru March 15th, 2010

March 16, 2010

Matador 1999


Album of the Day: Pavement “Terror Twilight”

This has been on my turntable for the last three days. I just keep flipping from side to side. I bought the vinyl used at Love Garden years ago, back when it was still the old upstairs store. The near-mint copy was only six dollars. Nowadays, with vinyl being how popular it is, I bet “Terror Twilight” would go for at least double that amount. Hell, maybe even triple, what with their reunion tour coming up later this year. That is part of the reason I was listening to Pavement, actually—I just paid $54 for my GA ticket to the Uptown show on 9/11/10, and even though the show is still six whole months away, I feel myself getting more psyched for it all the time. I never got to see Pavement live. They are one of those bands that first turned me on to great rock music, and I came along just a little too late to actually witness them. (more…)

Listening Log: February 18th 2010

February 24, 2010

Spin Art 2001


Album of the Day: Jason Falkner Necessity: The 4-Track Years

This is one of those rare releases that could work either as an introduction to the artist or a compilation of unreleased goods for rabid fans. “Necessity” has this distinction because it contains some of the best previously released songs from Falkner (namely some of the standout tracks from his first album, “Presents Author Unknown”) as well as some notable outtakes and unused tracks. And even though all the songs here are in their 4-track, lo-fi versions, Falkner was already an engineering whiz by the time he recorded them, and he makes the best possible use of the equipment he had at his disposal. For instance, each recording has some pretty obvious tape hiss, but other than that, they are pretty immaculate for four-tracked goods. (more…)

The Music Journal: Entry #9

September 6, 2009


Geffen Records

Geffen Records

Today I woke up hungover and noticed my headphones were hooked up to my record player. Katie and I did some drinking downtown last night, and like good kids, we opted to leave the car and hitch a ride from a friend. So, I was without I-pod last night. You know what, though? Records fucking rule! I really need to listen to them more. The I-pod mainly just represents convenience anymore, but a lot of the mystique of the whole record listening process is taken out of the I-pod experience. The record on the turntable? Peter Gabriel 3. I swear to god, I’m not British! (more…)

The Music Journal: Entry #5

August 4, 2009


Kansas “Point of Know Return”

Kirshner Records

Kirshner Records

Today at work, mostly just to be funny, I put on “The Best of Kansas”.  I thought it would annoy some customers or something…turned out it just annoyed me and the rest of my co-workers.  (more…)

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