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Mission Immersion 12.0 – Rave On by Artful Dodger

February 3, 2012

Ariola America Records 1980

Artful Dodger’s story is like that of so many other power pop bands – they made really good music, sometimes of the classic caliber, but their overall indistinctness kept them from ever catching the attention of the public eye. (more…)

Mission: Immersion 10.0 – Wheels In Motion by Any Trouble

January 6, 2012

Stiff 1981

I truly love Power Pop with all my heart, thanks to early weanings on Big Star, The Posies, The Beatles and things of that nature. There’s a downside to it, though – more than almost any other genre of music, it can seem very contrived when not done right. This is because generally, the people who make Power Pop are extremely gung ho about it, and are dedicated to keeping it alive. This is a good thing, but dedication is not the same as inspiration, and if you’re too dedicated and not inspired enough, the idea pool gets pretty shallow. (more…)

Joint Review: Superchunk “Majesty Shredding” and The Posies “Blood/Candy”

November 11, 2010

Merge 2010

So far, 2010 has been a pretty stellar year for rock and roll. It started off a little hairy, with slews of cover albums and a tapering off of 2009’s polished mediocrity. But in its wake, 2010 should be remembered as the year of the comebacks that mattered. In recent years, it seems every band from Dinosaur Jr to Mission of Burma to Superdrag to Killing Joke has reunited to give things another go-round, and in most cases, the resulting new albums are a little underwhelming.

Rykodisc 2010

Fortunately, some people still understand what a comeback is supposed to mean. Ideally, a comeback should come from a band that has been around for a long time and seen a hiatus. But, it’s only a truly successful comeback album if the record is as good as or better than anything previously released in the band’s discography. Judging from these parameters, it seems that two of my favorite bands from back in my high school days—Superchunk and The Posies—have released the best comeback albums of the last decade. (more…)

Power Pop on the Rise? We’ll See.

June 27, 2010

Downtown Records 2010

One Haven Music 2010

It seems Power Pop might actually be undergoing a sort of resurgence. WhatwhatWHAAAT? How can this be? I mean, for something to have a resurgence, it must have been popular in the past at some point, right?

OK, so maybe a different word is necessary. However you describe it, those old Beatle-esque jangle-pop sounds are coming back into music again, and I like it! Well, most of it. (more…)

The Music Journal: Entry #11

November 27, 2009


Thanksgiving Day—a day of food, family, and football. The latter is currently happening in our living room as I write this, Texas vs. A&M to be exact. I have the other two on the brain a little more right now, though. (more…)

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