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The Top 25 Songs of 2010

December 31, 2010

25. Weezer “All My Friends Are Insects” (part of bonus material from Hurley)

People are consistently disappointed by Weezer, so I was really hoping Hurley would be at least good enough to shut people up for awhile (myself included). It wasn’t, but I was happy to see it was at least better than the band’s worst album to date, the offensively bad Raditude. With that said, my favorite Weezer song of the year was not featured on Hurley, but was an outtake featured on the expanded edition. (more…)


The National “High Violet”

September 9, 2010

Beggars Banquet 2010

I realize this is coming a bit late, but I have reasons for waiting to discuss “High Violet” with anyone in any way. One big reason is sometimes, I have the tendency to spout things off without thinking and regret it later, and I really didn’t want to say anything like that about this record because—and this is the second reason—I really like The National. As far as mainstream-ish music goes, they might be the only band I really love or appreciate enough to think that anything they put out deserves a fair chance. (more…)

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