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Record Geek Heaven’s Top 20 of 2011

December 10, 2011


2011 turned out to be a pretty great year for music. Though it started off a bit slow, an impressive amount of new talent as well as seasoned songwriting vets emerged with stellar releases this year. In some cases, bands and artists returned with their strongest material in years. In others, emerging artists have given us some amazing things to look forward to for the future. And in others still, bands who have been kicking ass for a few years now are, well, still kicking ass. Here are Record Geek Heaven’s Top 20 Albums of 2011: (more…)

The Best of 2011: Part Four

September 16, 2011

True Panther Sounds

Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost

San Francisco indie pop outfit Girls has a gift for balancing old with new, progression with rumination, and order with chaos. Their first release, simply titled Album, proved this to the world and has become one of the most beloved rock releases of the ADD generation; which is odd, considering it’s full of tunes that require at least a little amount of patience. There’s just something about the songwriting talents of Christopher Owens and the production abilities of Chet Jr. White that make for a truly golden partnership, and though each Girls release is different from the next, their path still remains linear. (more…)

The Top 25 Songs of 2010

December 31, 2010

25. Weezer “All My Friends Are Insects” (part of bonus material from Hurley)

People are consistently disappointed by Weezer, so I was really hoping Hurley would be at least good enough to shut people up for awhile (myself included). It wasn’t, but I was happy to see it was at least better than the band’s worst album to date, the offensively bad Raditude. With that said, my favorite Weezer song of the year was not featured on Hurley, but was an outtake featured on the expanded edition. (more…)

Girls “Album”

June 25, 2010

True Panther 2009

I have to give props to my friend and fellow blogger Ian Hrabe. He totally called it on his list last year. “Album” was in his top 3, I think, and it was also in his top 20 of the decade. I remember thinking that was a bit garish. What can I say? Sometimes, things don’t hit me right away. And while this album did hit me on a lot of levels initially, I didn’t think at first it would be a record that I would want to keep listening to as time went on. But it has totally become one. (more…)

Listening Log: March 1st 2010

March 3, 2010

Ardent 1974


Album of the Day: Big Star Radio City

Today was a great day for tunes! This right here is one of my favorite albums of all time, PERIOD. It’s actually really hard for me to pick between this and “#1 Record” sometimes, but in the end, they are both good for different occasions. “#1 Record” is good for days off when you’re chilling at home, or for date nights with the lady and whatnot. “Radio City” is for nights when you feel like taking the town to town and partying your ass off, or for days when you have to work and really, REALLY don’t want to go. Today was more of the latter, but when “O My Soul” came on with that super-bright, pummeling guitar intro, I really felt like I could take on anything, even a bunch of whiny customers at Subway. That’s a lot of strength for one song to supply one man, I tell you. (more…)

The Top 20 Albums of 2009

January 4, 2010

Honorable mentions: Noisettes “Wild Young Hearts”, Grizzly Bear “Veckatimest”, The Horrors “Primary Colours”, The Flaming Lips “Embryonic”, Atlas Sound “Logos”, Arctic Monkeys “Humbug”, M. Ward “Hold Time”, Yeah Yeah Yeahs “It’s Blitz!”, The Maccabees “Wall of Arms”, Fruit Bats “The Ruminant Band”, Tegan & Sara “Sainthood”, A.C. Newman “Get Guilty”, Passion Pit “Manners”, Regina Spektor “Far”, Sonic Youth “The Eternal”, Mastodon “Crack the Skye”, Circulatory System “Signal Morning”, Japandroids “Post-Nothing”, Lake “Let’s Build a Roof”, Manic Street Preachers “Journal for Plague Lovers”.

20. Future of the LeftTravels with Myself and Another

The most exciting punk rock band to emerge for quite some time, Future of the Left take the heavy, sludgy rhythm section assault of bands like The Jesus Lizard and combine it with their completely original, conversational lyrical delivery. (more…)

The Music Journal: Entry #10

November 19, 2009


Brendan Benson

Lots of cool stuff is happening here at the end of the year. This month alone, my band The Dead Girls has two amazing gigs—one we already played, which was this last Saturday opening for Brendan Benson at the Bottleneck. Here’s a video of us from that show performing “Don’t Change” by INXS.

the Dead Girls – “Don’t Change” (INXS cover) from Nick Spacek on Vimeo.


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