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2011 Thus Far In Rock

February 5, 2011

Overall assessment: This year is getting off to a slower start than last year. In 2010, we already had a classic by January (Owen Pallett’s Heartland), and I don’t see anything of that caliber as we near the middle of February. Still, there’s a good number of new records worth checking out, amongst them a pretty good representation of the sweet crop of budding new songwriters abound.

Merge Records

Apex ManorThe Year of Magical Drinking

Merge is certainly on a roll so far in 2011 – they have already put out one of the year’s most acclaimed albums (Destroyer’s Kaputt, which is pretty good, I guess, if you like Destroyer), and this Apex Manor record has become very well-played on my iPod’s 2011 playlist. (more…)


Listening Log: Monday, February 15th 2010

February 16, 2010

CBS 1977, Epic 1979

Album of the Day: The Clash The Clash

I was about an hour away from getting done with a long day of work when this album came on. My boss ragged on me about how he didn’t like it. I told him he just doesn’t like punk rock, and that it’s ok–I told him he would be just fine listening to Bonnie Raitt and Phil Collins the rest of his life. He would never know what he was missing. (more…)

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