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Mission: Immersion 10.0 – Wheels In Motion by Any Trouble

January 6, 2012

Stiff 1981

I truly love Power Pop with all my heart, thanks to early weanings on Big Star, The Posies, The Beatles and things of that nature. There’s a downside to it, though – more than almost any other genre of music, it can seem very contrived when not done right. This is because generally, the people who make Power Pop are extremely gung ho about it, and are dedicated to keeping it alive. This is a good thing, but dedication is not the same as inspiration, and if you’re too dedicated and not inspired enough, the idea pool gets pretty shallow. (more…)

Alex Chilton dies at age 59

March 19, 2010

The former Big Star singer died of a heart attack on March 17

Many have probably heard about the sudden death of Alex Chilton, one of the main songwriters behind the beloved Big Star canon. Actually, until his death, he may have been one of the world’s most beloved living songwriters. Granted, he was never really famous or anything. But, his songs were so great that the people who did know about him will revere him and remember him forever. (more…)

Listening Log: March 1st 2010

March 3, 2010

Ardent 1974


Album of the Day: Big Star Radio City

Today was a great day for tunes! This right here is one of my favorite albums of all time, PERIOD. It’s actually really hard for me to pick between this and “#1 Record” sometimes, but in the end, they are both good for different occasions. “#1 Record” is good for days off when you’re chilling at home, or for date nights with the lady and whatnot. “Radio City” is for nights when you feel like taking the town to town and partying your ass off, or for days when you have to work and really, REALLY don’t want to go. Today was more of the latter, but when “O My Soul” came on with that super-bright, pummeling guitar intro, I really felt like I could take on anything, even a bunch of whiny customers at Subway. That’s a lot of strength for one song to supply one man, I tell you. (more…)

Listening Log: February 24th 2010

February 25, 2010

Epic 1971


Album of the Day: Sly & the Family Stone There’s A Riot Goin’ On

What a dark, sweaty and amazing way to start the coldest day of the New Year. This record is such a spontaneous and unpredictable statement about the general mood of the world in the early seventies, at times it feels like nothing more than an afternoon jam session that went on into the wee hours of the morning and produced several albums worth of material. In actuality, there is an elusive meticulousness at work here. Stone recorded most of the instrumentation himself, enlisting a few members of The Family Stone, as well as several guest performers. Everything from the songwriting to the performances, and especially the production, is drenched in a deep fog of disillusionment and repressed rage. Actually, I think it might be one of the most darkly hypnotic albums ever created, right up there with “The Madcap Laughs”, “Third/Sister Lovers” and “Tonight’s the Night”. What’s different about “Riot” is its success—despite its pervasively heavy mood, it debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and produced three hit singles. Man, I really wish I could go back and at least EXPERIENCE this time period, for like a few days. The fact that this album not only was at the top of the charts but DEBUTED there must mean they were doing something right back then. Have you seen who’s been topping our charts lately? (more…)

The Music Journal: Entry #11

November 27, 2009


Thanksgiving Day—a day of food, family, and football. The latter is currently happening in our living room as I write this, Texas vs. A&M to be exact. I have the other two on the brain a little more right now, though. (more…)

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