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Mission: Immersion pt. 1 – Blind Man’s Zoo by 10,000 Maniacs

December 20, 2011

Elektra Records

A short explanation – Mission: Immersion is my attempt to listen to and write short reviews of every record I own (500+ vinyl, 1,200+ CDs). I will attempt, with all of my might, to refrain from buying new music until I have completed the task. I realize this idea is not an original one, as many fellow writers I know have undertaken similar challenges (the best example is Ian Hrabe’s hilarious and spot-on Why Are There So Many Records in My Life?), and in a way, this is inspired by them. But, it’s also a reflection of me wanting to accomplish three things:

1) Keep up my writing chops,
2) Save more money,
3) Learn about and hear firsthand all the random shit that has accumulated on my shelves.

Again, I’m sure the reasoning for people who have done this before was fairly similar. It has simply become a personal goal. (more…)

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