Mission Immersion 14.0 – Desolation Angels by Bad Company

Swan Song 1979

I have never been a huge fan of Bad Company, and I wasn’t really looking forward to listening to this record. As a result, I didn’t enjoy it very much. Funny how that works, isn’t it? I’m beginning to wonder why I even bothered to take it for free in the first place.

Apparently, Bad Company was a “supergroup”. (I want to make that joke – I really, really do – but we all know it.) They were made up of members of the bands Free (they had the hit “All Right Now” that’s always confused with “Free Ride”) and Mott the Hoople. This totally makes sense, since much of Bad Company’s output sounds like some second-rate, watered-down amalgam of those two bands. However, since ex-Free crooner Paul Rodgers wrote most of the tunes, the end result is always much more “All Right Now” than say, for example, “All the Way from Memphis”. What hurts the most is the realization that Rodgers is now the lead singer for Queen. The fact that anyone thinks Rodgers is a worthy replacement for Freddie Mercury is astounding and downright maddening to me.

The first song on Desolation Angels (such a horrible title) is “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy”, a song I’ve always openly despised, and listening to it for myself even after realizing they were on Led Zeppelin’s record label still didn’t help me learn to like it. The sad fact is it’s probably the best song on the record, as the rest failed to leave an imprint in my already tuned-out brain. Come on, folks – Bad Company is the epitome of fraud. They are unoriginal, irrelevant, and just flat out uninteresting every single time. American Idol is more rock and roll. *1/2

Listening Again? No desire to do so.

Long live Freddie!

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