Mission: Immersion 6.0 – School’s Out by Alice Cooper

Warner Bros 1972

The Alice Cooper records in which Alice Cooper was still a band, and not just the one dude, were pretty sweet. I don’t know them all that well, and I’m not even very familiar with many AC songs other than the well-known ones and a few others, but I have listened to records like Billion Dollar Babies, Easy Action and Killer, and I greatly appreciate and observe the difference between the two eras. If you’re bothering at all with Alice Cooper, it had better be the group era, or you’re either a glutton for punishment or you just enjoy wasting your time.

With that said, I’m not sure School’s Out is the best place to start diving into the group’s discography. Of course it’s got a few killer tracks – who doesn’t love “School’s Out”, after all? The rest of the album feels a little disjointed, however. There are weird forays into vaudeville and jazz and other things that I didn’t think would have anything to do with a rock record called School’s Out. But then again, there is a certain vibe of just kind of fucking around, maybe in the garage after school really HAS just been let out for the summer and every little thing all of a sudden becomes 100 times more fun because you know you have nothing but time, at least for awhile. That’s something about School’s Out I definitely appreciate.

Another thing I love about it is the album art – the vinyl sleeve is made up to look like an old school desk. It even opens and has all the bad boy stuff in there, like the slingshot and the switch blade and the comic books. The back of the record even acts as the bottom of the desk, and has legs that fold out so you can stand it up. It’s an extremely cool package, one of those uber-elaborate ones that the record company approved because they thought they had a hit on their hands – which, I guess they did. Originally, the vinyl came wrapped in lady panties, but those issues were recalled (sadly, yet understandably).

My favorite song on the record is “My Stars”, which showcases AC’s interest in prog, and in a way foreshadows more of the grandiose direction they would take on Billion Dollar Babies. It’s long and dramatic, but when it’s done well, I’m a sucker for that stuff. Also, it seems like it’s the product of a slightly higher creative tier when compared with most of School’s Out. Overall, though, it’s a fun record with some great tunes. ***

Listening Again? Sure

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One Response to “Mission: Immersion 6.0 – School’s Out by Alice Cooper”

  1. Josh Longbottom Says:

    Dude, go a little deeper and check out “Love it to death” esp.

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