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Dead Girls Do Air

April 15, 2011

All four Dead Girls will be competing in this year's championship being held in KC May 19.

For those of you who do not know, I play in a band called The Dead Girls from Lawrence, KS, and we appreciate good rock and roll. That’s the music we want to make, plain and simple. Sure, we have our little hoo-ha’s here, and our whats-its there, but all in all, to make a good and steamy rock product is what we try to do. And I would be remiss if I didn’t say that our drummer Eric Melin – or Mean Melin to the Air Guitar Nation – is our golden chariot to the promised land in that respect.

Not only is Melin one of the best, most solid drummers on the planet, but he is brimming with the knowledge and passion of glorious, lick-drenched guitar rock. Present since a very early age, it has allowed him to develop his own art of Air Guitar (see his instructional video) and to effectively spread his love of it to others.

Photo by Emily Henson

Thanks to his contributions of Aireoke and his championing of the Air guitar Nation to his local followers and peers – not to mention two consecutive appearances at the National Air Guitar Championships – Mean Melin has become a world-renown air guitar hero.

In the world of the Dead Girls, Melin is still the drummer – but he has also begun to merge his double life into one brand new organic ball of awesomeness by integrating the Dead Girls with the bourgeoning world of Air Guitar. The Dead Girls’ first experiment of this merging has already been blogged about on – an Air Guitar video collage set to our song “Hair Trigger”, from our new album Out of Earshot out on Rocket Heart Records. It features the four Dead Girls in our much sought-after Air Guitar personas – Eric as Mean Melin, JoJo as Das Auto Bomb, Nick as Peter Stiffdickens, and me, Cameron, as Pork Sword. The footage was taken from an Air Guitar competition last February in Topeka, KS. None of us won that night, but Das Auto Bomb placed second. Who would win in your competition?


Aristocratic for the People: R.E.M. Collapse in the Now

April 4, 2011

Warner Bros. 2011

In the early 1980’s, R.E.M. practically invented indie rock. In a time in which what was heard on the radio chocked up to soulless, metal-hair-brained schlock or limp, tepid balladry, R.E.M’s paranoiac brand of guitar pop offered a much needed shot of adrenaline into the arm of a tired and aimless music industry.

Now it’s 2011, and R.E.M. is just another part of OUR tired and aimless music industry. (more…)

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