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In My Head: The Clientele “Never Anyone But You”

September 10, 2010

from the 2009 Merge release "Bonfires on the Heath"

This was the first song I ever got into by The Clientele, one of those bands that make really great records yet are ignored by most of the American music listening public because they sound “too British”. And it’s not British in that Kooks-ish or Kaiser Chiefs-ish sort of way where it’s really OBVIOUSLY British, like a foreigner who gets all the attention from American girls because of his accent. The Clientele don’t play any obvious games like that, but they do write the sort of no-frills, Nick Drake-ish morning dream pop that tends to work its way into these wee small hours. “Never Anyone But You” is as close to perfect this band has gotten (that is, until they released their latest EP, “Minotaur”–that title track is tits). The sparse, airy guitars seem to carry Alasdair MacLean’s shoestring vocals like a wind lightly pushing along a piece of paper, but the Clientele never waste any time getting to the hooks. Have a good morning with this one–it woke me up nice.


The National “High Violet”

September 9, 2010

Beggars Banquet 2010

I realize this is coming a bit late, but I have reasons for waiting to discuss “High Violet” with anyone in any way. One big reason is sometimes, I have the tendency to spout things off without thinking and regret it later, and I really didn’t want to say anything like that about this record because—and this is the second reason—I really like The National. As far as mainstream-ish music goes, they might be the only band I really love or appreciate enough to think that anything they put out deserves a fair chance. (more…)

The Dead Girls and Erik Voeks Live at The Brick 9/4/2010

September 6, 2010

Here is a recently uploaded YouTube video of The Dead Girls backing up Erik Voeks, creator of the 1993 power pop classic Sand Box (I posted a link to the album on this blog–find it here.) The show took place last Saturday at The Brick and was part of the Indie Pop Alliance series, which is becoming a very cool thing all around. We did three songs with Voeks (“pronounced VAKES, like SHAKE and BAKE”):

“Throw Me Out A Line”, from a single released on Bus Stop Records.

“My Dentist” and “Finger-Painted Cat” from Sand Box.

A big thanks to Erik Voeks for letting us do this, and for making such great music. Cheers!

Dead Girls to Back Up Power Pop Prince Erik Voeks at The Brick this Saturday Night!

September 4, 2010

Rockville 1993

In 1993, Erik Voeks released an album called Sand Box. (Read my review of it here.) It’s one of those many great records that slipped through the cracks over the years, but has remained championed by a small and fortunate few. Fortunate enough to hear it, that is. Voeks recorded the album in St. Louis, the city in which he used to live, and it features some stellar guitar work from the late, legendary Jay Bennett (Wilco, Titanic Love Affair).

Since then, Voeks has relocated to Kansas City. In addition to a variety of projects that include a meticulously faithful Guided by Voices tribute band, he also started his own band, Miss America. My friend Randy Paske turned me on to Sand Box, and I was like “Who IS this guy?”, and Randy told me the story, while also throwing in the fact that Voeks is an appreciator of my band, The Dead Girls. Right away, I started thinking, “Man, some of those Sand Box tunes would be really fun to play live…”

Now, in partial thanks to Randy, Jesse Kates of the Sexy Accident and Indie Pop Alliance, and Voeks himself, this little party is coming to fruition tomorrow night at the Brick for the next Indie Pop Alliance show. Along with Atlantic Fadeout, Making Movies, and the Sexy Accident, Erik Voeks will perform songs from Sand Box with The Dead Girls as his backing band. Voeks will also be performing solo as well.

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to hear Voeks yet, I am doing you all a favor—here is a download of Sand Box. Please, listen to it, love it, and come out tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 4) to hear some of these songs live, Voeks/Dead Girls style!

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