Here We Go Magic “Pigeons”

Secretly Canadian 2010

Every now and then I get into this mood where the “extended hook” is very pleasing to me. That’s one reason Teenage Fanclub gets me—they like to do this thing where they have one repeating chord progression at the end of a song that lasts for two minutes or more. This could be spawned out of pure laziness, but I couldn’t care less. Sometimes, it’s just what I need—one solidly repeating thing that sounds so cool, it could go on forever. This seems to be the modus operandi of Brooklyn’s dream pop darlings Here We Go Magic, and though they haven’t mastered it, they could be well on their way.

HWGM’s self-titled first album was actually a solo recording of folk singer Luke Temple, who released two albums in the mid 00’s under his own name. “Pigeons”, the first release from HWGM as a full band, comes less than a year later. Obviously, this Temple guy is quite prolific, or he’s been writing songs for a decade and has an enormous backlog he’s attempting to purge.

The music itself is dreamy, drone-y, melodically minimalist, and at times borders on the avant-garde. But surprisingly, it’s all done without being too pretentious. As a singer, Temple curbs most of the potential overboard moments with his brittle, timid croon and his conversational lyrical delivery. What also helps is the band’s subtle, almost improvisational chemistry, which brings a delightfully disjointed feel.

“Collector”, the first single, might be the most fun one could find with an indie dream-pop band these days. A mercilessly fast drumbeat propels dueling schizophrenic guitar lines, while Temple laments about his “mild fascination for the collector”—I wonder if this guy watches “Hoarders”. Another standout is “Bottom Feeder”, a psychedelic ballad that sounds like it could have been included on some late-era Monkees or Beach Boys album.

Much of “Pigeons” seem unfinished, but that seems to be the way Temple wants it—although the feel is fragmented and sporadic, something about it is calculated, too. This makes for a fun album to listen to, even though it’s far from perfect. What’s most important is the fact that I will most definitely be checking out HWGM’s next record. ***

Here is their video for “Collector”–pretty 80’s, Feelies or Clean lookin’ stuff. Nice!

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