Download a Free Copy of New Steve Albini-Recorded Album!

Grandfather "Why I'd Try"

A really cool band from Brooklyn called Grandfather just finished recording their debut full-length, titled “Why I’d Try”, at Electrical Audio with none other than the man himself, Steve Albini.

Actually, I had him at #4 on my list of The Top Ten Record Makers of Today, but once you get into the top four, everyone is so close in skill and brainpower they can all contend with each other. One thing is for sure–Albini remains unmatched in his ability to transfer the sound of a band in a room to tape with hardly any disturbance whatsoever.

Knowing this about Albini, and that Grandfather’s lead vocalist is also their drummer, I’m really excited about possibly getting to see them perform one day. They have that progressive style that Albini champions and boast huge, dissonant guitars and a pummeling rhythm section. But, Grandfather also seem to know the meaning of a pop hook.

The band has self-released “Why I’d Try” on CD and limited edition vinyl. Fortunately, they are offering the entire album as a free download as well (with artwork and everything–classy!). All of this can be found right here at their website. Any fan of Albini, or just good rock music, should check it out immediately.

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