Girls “Album”

True Panther 2009

I have to give props to my friend and fellow blogger Ian Hrabe. He totally called it on his list last year. “Album” was in his top 3, I think, and it was also in his top 20 of the decade. I remember thinking that was a bit garish. What can I say? Sometimes, things don’t hit me right away. And while this album did hit me on a lot of levels initially, I didn’t think at first it would be a record that I would want to keep listening to as time went on. But it has totally become one.

I wasn’t necessarily “slow” to coming around to this record, but I think I have sold it short up to now. It was included on my top albums list of 2009 (#8), but even then, something about me was dismissing the record as a novelty. Maybe it was the way “Album” spans so many genres in such a tongue-in-cheek fashion—I almost felt as if Girls were laughing at me, like they didn’t know or care how much I knew or loved music. But for whatever reason, most likely the strengthening of my ability to not take myself too seriously, this is no longer the case. Awhile ago, I kept getting a jones to hear “Lust for Life” to the point where I started to actually long for that stupid out of tune guitar in the intro. The thing is so fucking out of tune, it makes me cringe. But I love it all the same.

What made me realize the greatness of this record is that, after playing “Lust for Life” enough times, I started to get a jones for the next song, “Laura”. And then eventually, the next song, “Ghost Mouth”. And then “Goddamned”, which was a big one for awhile. And I just kept working my way through “Album” like this. Eventually, I did a track count and realized that there is not a single bad song on the record (also something Ian had pointed out—good show, old man). Like any great album, there are probably one or two songs that I could call my least favorites, but even those are good songs. Overall, it’s just a really strong collection of tunes. And that’s what makes the (false?) modesty of calling it “Album” so damn perfect. Speaking of which, the cover art is fantastic—and I’m not speaking only of the album cover, though that is great. The gatefold sleeve with the 12 girl photos, each representing a track on the album, is just genius. They’re all hot girls, too, though not all in conventional ways. My favorite is probably the “Big Bad Mean Mother Fucker” chick who kind of looks like she’s sleeping or dozing off, but you can kind of see an eye open, and it’s really adorable. Christopher Owens took all these photos, too—how’s that for a project? I wonder if he nailed all of them—or any of them? Say what you want about Cali, but there sure is an abundance of young hot, um, talent over there.

I’m not going to go into too much more detail about the music itself because really, if you haven’t heard “Album” by now, you need to get off your ass and obtain it somehow—there will most likely be a few songs on it you will like. It’s not every day a person can say that about an album to just anyone, but “Album” is that kind of album. It’s just a great album. ALBUM!!! ****1/2

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  1. Ian H. Says:

    Yes. I’ve been revisiting this one lately, too, because it’s just such an excellent summertime windows down record! I’ve been listening to live clips of new songs and they sound just as timeless.

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