The Radio Dept. “Clinging to a Scheme”

Labrador 2010

This is one of those albums that sat around for weeks after I got it. All of a sudden, I hear one song pop up on shuffle, and I’m hooked. I can’t stop listening to this record. It’s not even that it’s awesome all the way through—there are definitely some weak spots—but it has a really great overall sound and is just damn infectious.

This Swedish band’s style fits nicely into the Dream Pop genre, combining bits of Shoegaze, Trip-Hop and damn fine British pop. The song in question from earlier is “Heaven’s on Fire”, the album’s second single, and a perfect representation of the blending of these styles. Its flighty synth line, warm guitars and soft piano cascades speak of a youthful restlessness, but it’s all a very calm affair. The following song, “This Time Around”, takes all of that up a notch or two, with pummeling drums and a sick Joy Division-style bass line.

After the first three songs, the album can seem quite spotty at first listen. But though the other songs don’t have the immediacy of these, eventually they become easy to get through. If the first three songs are the easiest to grasp, the rest of the album shows The Radio Dept. pushing the listener to wrap their minds around some more challenging atmospheres of sound. With the exception of a few songs that are just a little too uneventful, there’s a minimalistic beauty to the songs of The Radio Dept. that is sometimes haunting, sometimes playful, and more often than not, compelling. ***1/2

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One Response to “The Radio Dept. “Clinging to a Scheme””

  1. flights rhodes Says:

    ahhhhhh very good, bookmarked 🙂 keep it up, JusyKassy.

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