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Power Pop on the Rise? We’ll See.

June 27, 2010

Downtown Records 2010

One Haven Music 2010

It seems Power Pop might actually be undergoing a sort of resurgence. WhatwhatWHAAAT? How can this be? I mean, for something to have a resurgence, it must have been popular in the past at some point, right?

OK, so maybe a different word is necessary. However you describe it, those old Beatle-esque jangle-pop sounds are coming back into music again, and I like it! Well, most of it. (more…)


Girls “Album”

June 25, 2010

True Panther 2009

I have to give props to my friend and fellow blogger Ian Hrabe. He totally called it on his list last year. “Album” was in his top 3, I think, and it was also in his top 20 of the decade. I remember thinking that was a bit garish. What can I say? Sometimes, things don’t hit me right away. And while this album did hit me on a lot of levels initially, I didn’t think at first it would be a record that I would want to keep listening to as time went on. But it has totally become one. (more…)

The Radio Dept. “Clinging to a Scheme”

June 24, 2010

Labrador 2010

This is one of those albums that sat around for weeks after I got it. All of a sudden, I hear one song pop up on shuffle, and I’m hooked. I can’t stop listening to this record. It’s not even that it’s awesome all the way through—there are definitely some weak spots—but it has a really great overall sound and is just damn infectious. (more…)

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