Listening Log: February 28th 2010

Merge 2001


Album of the Day: Spoon Girls Can Tell

Still one of my favorite Spoon records, “Girls Can Tell” is about the closest Spoon will ever get to a perfect record. It often ties with “Kill the Moonlight” in my mind as their best. “Girls” is a little more multi-faceted than “Moonlight”, though—going from perfect, laid-back ditties like “Lines in the Suit” to pummeling Zeppelin-esque rockers like “The Fitted Shirt” in just one fell swoop, the album is textured in its dynamics and it makes for a freakin’ journey. “Chicago at Night” is one of the band’s best songs, and a perfect closer to a dark and richly layered album.

Capitol 1979

The Knack Get the Knack

RIP Doug Fieger. The lead singer/rhythm guitarist/main songwriter of the Knack died recently, so I’ve been revisiting their debut for the past couple days. The recording has a great, stripped-down quality to it, the band is tight as tight can be, and most of the songs are complete winners. Funnily enough, upon studying this album a little more, the song that I feel is the most bush-league as far as songwriting goes is the group’s biggest hit, the classic “My Sharona”. It’s still a great song, but the way it is put together reeks of desperation. It sounds like the band has three separate parts written and just kind of slopped them together—especially that bridge at the end that sounds like a completely different song. If the guitar solo at that part weren’t so freakin’ rad, I would take way more issue with it, probably.

Blue Thumb 1970

Albums to Revisit: Dave Mason Alone Together

This solo debut from Traffic member Dave Mason is a pretty great listen. It’s definitely a “classic rock” sounding album, but I’m kind of a sucker for that stuff, so I knew it would be right up my alley. Also, the vinyl has a really cool grey/pink/brown swirl thing going on, and the album art is this really elaborate fold-out thing. Production costs for this record must have been through the roof at the time, and considering that the album has not remained intensely well-known over the years, one could wonder if all of that was really worth it. Regardless, the production of the recordings themselves is excellent and it seems like some of these songs will really sink in after a few listens. We shall see.

Rogue Wave “Descended Like Vultures” ***
Spoon “Girls Can Tell” ****1/2
Dave Mason “Alone Together” ***1/2
The Church “The Blurred Crusade” ***1/2
The Knack “Get the Knack” ****
The Posies “Amazing Disgrace” ****
The Jim Carroll Band “Catholic Boy” ***1/2

Total Albums Heard=7

***** Classic
**** Amazing
*** Good
** So-So
* Nope

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2 Responses to “Listening Log: February 28th 2010”

  1. Randall Says:

    Girls Can Tell is still my favorite Spoon record.

  2. Scott JR’s Locket Mitt, Light Grey/Pink, X-Large | Pink Snow Boots Says:

    […] Listening Log: February 28th 2010 « Record Geek Heaven […]

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