Listening Log: February 18th 2010

Spin Art 2001


Album of the Day: Jason Falkner Necessity: The 4-Track Years

This is one of those rare releases that could work either as an introduction to the artist or a compilation of unreleased goods for rabid fans. “Necessity” has this distinction because it contains some of the best previously released songs from Falkner (namely some of the standout tracks from his first album, “Presents Author Unknown”) as well as some notable outtakes and unused tracks. And even though all the songs here are in their 4-track, lo-fi versions, Falkner was already an engineering whiz by the time he recorded them, and he makes the best possible use of the equipment he had at his disposal. For instance, each recording has some pretty obvious tape hiss, but other than that, they are pretty immaculate for four-tracked goods.

SST 1980

Minutemen Paranoid Time EP

The Best EP ever released, period. Seven songs in six and a half minutes. A disturbingly funny album cover. “A billion Chinese with warheads.” Sickles and hammers. Fucking corn dogs from Pedro. Punk rock in a nutshell—a perfect, concise, thousand-ton-weighing nutshell.

Mercury 1990

Albums to Revisit: Mother Love Bone Apple

You know, I really didn’t like this record at all when I listened to it. I think to like this, it would help to have been in high school or older when this record was released. At the time, it probably seemed awesome. Now, it seems bloated and self-important. Andrew Wood may have been a good live frontman, but as a vocalist, he is strictly forgettable. I probably won’t revisit this anytime soon after all.

Mother Love Bone “Apple” **
Jason Falkner “Necessity: The 4-Track Years” ****
The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night” ****
Dungen “Stadsvandringaar” ***1/2
The Get Up Kids “On A Wire” ***
Heatmiser “Mic City Sons” ***1/2
Throw Me the Statue “Creaturesque” ****
The National “Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers” ***1/2
Minutemen “Paranoid Time” EP *****

Total Albums Heard=9

***** Classic
**** Amazing
*** Good
** So-So
* Nope

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