Listening Log: Tuesday, February 16th 2010

Warner Bros. 1979

Album of the Day: Thin Lizzy Black Rose: A Rock Legend

It saddens me that more people are not aware of the awesome power Thin Lizzy are capable of presenting, even long after the demise of Phil Lynott. “Black Rose” is complete proof of this. Every song is no less than a bum rush of unrelenting guitar licks and awesome melodies. This is Thin Lizzy’s most commercially successful album as far as pure numbers go, but you won’t find any hits being played on classic rock radio like “The Boys are Back in Town”. What you will find are songs just as good if not better than that one that have been overlooked and underrated for far too long.

Bella Union 2010

Albums to Revisit: Midlake The Courage of Others

This record does strange things to me–I know there is something undeniably awesome at its core, but it seems there is something guarding that pristine center, something with a dark self-consciousness about it. Every time I listen, though, it becomes more of a beast.


Owen Pallett “Heartland” ****1/2
Bettie Serveert “Pharmacy of Love” ***1/2
Midlake “The Courage of Others” ***1/2
Peter Gabriel “Scratch My Back” **
The Soft Pack “The Soft Pack” ***
Shout Out Louds “Work” ****
Talking Heads “More Songs About Buildings and Food” ****1/2
Thin Lizzy “Black Rose: A Rock Legend” *****
Guns N Roses “Appetite for Destruction” ***1/2
The Get Up Kids “Guilt Show” ***1/2
The Redwalls “De Nova” ***
AC/DC “If You Want Blood … You Got It!” *****
John Cale “Paris 1919” ****
Deep Purple “Fireball” **1/2
Elvis Costello & the Attractions “Armed Forces” ****1/2
Love “Da Capo” ****1/2

Total Albums Heard: 16

***** Classic
**** Awesome
*** Good
** So-So
* Nope

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