The Music Journal: Entry #7


Long day at work today, but I managed to listen to tons of music.  A couple albums stood out… 

Nonesuch Records

Nonesuch Records

The big album of the day for me was Wilco (The Album), by Wilco, of course! Many critics have deemed this album as “good, but far from their best work.” I’m not really quoting, just paraphrasing, but it’s pretty much been that sort of summation. I will say this right now and mean it wholeheartedly—it most certainly IS one of Wilco’s best! Look at what we’re dealing with, here: You can’t touch Summerteeth or Being There. That’s obvious. On the other hand, you can pretty much excuse AM as a contender. So, that leaves us with Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, A Ghost Is Born, and Sky Blue Sky. In my opinion, the latter two are good, but pretty weak when put against the rest of Wilco’s catalog. And I know, everyone LOVES Yankee…and so do I, more so than Wilco (The Album). Even STILL, that puts Wilco (The Album) at #4 on the Wilco list—it’s in the top 5, so it’s definitely one of the best! Sure, they only have seven albums (geez guys, let’s pick up the pace already), but it’s not like there’s a real big drop-off after number three. The drop-off happens after #4, from Wilco (The Album) to A Ghost Is Born.

Check this out: I just successfully ranted for an entire fat-ass paragraph about an album without even saying any one remotely informative thing about it! All that bullshit I just wrote was my side of some dumb argument I would have with a fellow music geek at some party when everyone else is in the living room dancing to some stupid hipster bullshit like LMFAO or something. Yep, it’s all the bullshit no one normal wants to listen to, all written out for your non-reading pleasure. At least I know it’s physically on the earth somewhere, and not just floating around in my head, or around some house party where someone will find it and take advantage of it.

WEA/Reprise Records

WEA/Reprise Records

Another big one today was Stardeath and White Dwarfs. It was announced recently that they will be touring Europe with The Flaming Lips, which isn’t really a surprise since Wayne Coyne is Stardeath’s uncle and was essentially the bridge from them to Warner Bros. Records. But I want to grab and twist the lips of anyone who comes out talking shit about “conflicts of interest” or Stardeath being undeserving of what they have, and only really having it because of the family connection. Fuck that shit—Stardeath and White Dwarfs are a young, amazingly talented band with a lot in store for them. They have been working their ass off and touring for years, and have definitely put a lot of BST into their craft. Sure, at times they do sound kind of like a kiddie version of the Lips, but to come to that as a final conclusion would be pretty unfair, as each of their songs are fully realized (musically and lyrically) and packed with sonic wonders. Hopefully, they will tour with the Lips in America at some point—I saw Stardeath at the little-ass Replay Lounge in Lawrence, and if that was amazing, image how they would be with the Lips! By the way, it was pretty amazing…

This week, I start my elongated work schedule at Subway, and though that mostly sucks huge donkey dick, it’s pretty sweet to be able to listen to good music all day. Thank God I don’t have a douchebag boss who actually takes the job seriously. Well, ok, I’ll be fair—Mark does take it seriously. Too seriously, I think. But, he’s a manager. That’s how he makes his $$ (this is where I say “cha-ching!”, and you must say this to yourself whenever you see this symbol; come on! It’s just for fun!). Anyway, I don’t think any other manager around here would be cool enough to let us play our I-pods over the work stereo. I’ve worked some food jobs, and this one is definitely the best. Still, it’s a food job, and fuck those to high Hell! I must get out of there before I turn around and realize I’ve spent a decade behind that curved piece of glass, standing over wilted lettuce, green tomatoes, and even greener roast beef. And as I said, as of this week, I spend seven MORE hours a week there now! Oh, joy…joy of joys…well, it’s money, right?  And, I guess, 7 more hours to ROCK the FUCK OUT!

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