The Music Journal: Entry #3


Didn’t have a song for today. It’s hard to know how to do this music journal thing, because I feel like if I am consciously thinking about what song to put in here, that takes away from the spontaneity of doing it in the first place. However, I feel like if I don’t think about it consciously, I won’t remember to write about it. The double edged sword begins.

I did see a pretty sweet show at the Replay, however. I thought about catching The Only Children and Matt Pryor at the Jackpot to relive a little bit of old school glory, but the door there was $5 and the door at the Replay was $3. In a way, my decision was made for me.

There were three bands at Replay—one of which, Caribbean Isles, featured my friend Ian Hrabe. I missed them though (sorry dude!). The only band I got to see was Omaha’s Little Brazil (on KC-based label Anodyne Records), and they were pretty damn good. They had a couple songs that really stood out from the rest, but there was definitely a lot of good rock happening—pedal-driven noise rock a la Swerevedriver mixed with the whimsical pop of Of Montreal. I mentioned to Landon, the lead singer, that it reminded me of Of Motreal and he sounded surprised. I think everyone thinks Of Montreal is this weird techno band, which they kind of are, but only their later stuff, really. Everything else is pretty akin to Beatle/Kinks in a GBV/lo-fi style. Pretty awesome. And it’s mostly one guy that does everything. Anyway, Landon was a cool dude; I told him they need to play with Dead Girls next time, so hopefully we can get that going.

Anodyne Records

Anodyne Records

Non-music-related points of interest: Watched Mad Men for five hours today. Visited Jess and Josh in their new house—it was really nice, but I still can’t get too jealous of homeowners. Skyler’s 31st birthday.

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