The Music Journal: Entry #2


St. Vincent “Actor Out of Work”
Animal Collective “Brother Sport”
New Pornographers “Mass Romantic”

The Dead Girls played earlier tonight at Eric and Jodi’s “housewarming” shindig. I put that in quotes because they have lived there for a year and it really isn’t a housewarming party. What it was, however, was an excuse for us to play in their huge-ass backyard. It ended up involving a lot of manual labor, but since the end result was rock, I didn’t mind sweeping out a little water. I mean, I have had to do that at stupid ass jobs before and it was bullshit, but if I have to do it so I can play a rock show, FUCK…I’ll do it in an instant. That’s the difference between what you love and what is just bullshit.

The show was really cool. I don’t remember the entire set list, but I do know that we played two Podstar songs, two Truck Stop Love songs, and one Touchdowns song. Did I mention we did not learn any of these beforehand? I seriously was teaching them to Colby as I was playing them. And those Podstar songs I hadn’t even ever played guitar on, so I was teaching him the bass part from a guitarist’s perspective with a bassists perspective, and that was just back asswards.

I heard three songs in my head this morning, two of which were influenced by the comps I have been working on. The first two I remember hearing (St. Vincent and Animal Collective) were probably there because of a compilation that includes those songs. But it was kinda cool, because I started to alternate the verse of “Brother Sport” with the chorus of “Actor” and it became like a whole new song.

The New Pornographers song, however, kind of came out of nowhere. Though I did listen to a little NP the other day, it was a different album, and it was just kind of in passing—I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to it. The one thing I can think may have spawned it is the fact that I did have some provocative dreams last night. As you may remember from my previous post, I do not remember a lot of my dreams—but, my dreams last night were of a very sexual nature. This may have something to do with why I thought of “pornography” or “romanticism”. I may just be a total perv; I wouldn’t necessarily debate this.

“Love has always been your greatest fear…the age of the freak is almost here.” Stardeath & White Dwarfs

Non-music-related points of interest: My brother’s birthday!  Two and a half more windows to go.  Ordering tape for the analog master tomorrow.  Eric’s housewarming party was really fun, and hopefully he will kick major ass at the National Air Guitar championships.  JoJo and Irene get to go to Maine for free for like eight days, the lucky sons-a-bitches.  I’ve wanted to go to Maine my whole life.  Fuck them.

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