The Music Journal: Entry #1


The Dead Girls played a great show at the Taproom last night…well, a fun show. Whether or not we actually performed that well is probably debatable (what is not debatable, however, is that it was LOUD). It was a Wednesday night, and people showed up, so right there, we have a winner! Lots of reunions occurred—Melin with his buddies from his 20 year reunion, which is taking place this weekend; and JoJo and I with some of our high school buddies from nine years ago (10 year reunion coming up!!!). Also, a lot of old friends from old jobs came out, as well as just some perfect strangers looking to have a good time—all of which were entertained by DJ Scooter’s eclectic mix of tunes (I think I heard “I Wish” by Skee-Lo at least 3 times). Overall, it was a pretty well-rounded night of rock, and a great precursor to our album release in September.

Aside from shaking the ring out of my ears, I spent most of today arranging my 2009 compilations. I have four in the works right now—3 that span every band I have enjoyed on some level this year, and a fourth disc of alternate tracks from my favorites of those bands—about 85 songs total. This would be way too much music for any normal person to stomach at once, I know. It seems I have a hard time editing myself, but I really like all of these songs. It’s not as much like last year, when I was just trying to do a big comp. I am finding it hard to delete a lot of these tunes, and have grown really fond of almost all of them.

I haven’t really played guitar today, which tends to happen on days after shows. I need to dedicate more time to songwriting and just let myself write some bad shit, because that’s how the good comes out. I try to work on stuff and I get scared that I’m going to write a shit song, so I just don’t write anything. I’ve been asking myself, “What kind of bullshit is that? It never bothered you when you were a kid. You liked everything you wrote because you wrote it, and if other people liked it too, cool.” This is me telling myself this (I like to be a synecdoche of myself). I did finish a tune later last week—the first in awhile. And I dig it. So, that’s good news.

For the music journal, I am going to try and make a daily entry of the first song I have in my head when I wake up. If I can remember, I will also make note of why it is in my head. If not, I’ll think of something to say. Maybe this will evolve into some sort of dream journal. I have always wanted to keep one of those, but never have—could be out of laziness, lack of conviction, or maybe I really just don’t want to remember all my dreams. Some of the ones I do remember are a little weird. I guess that’s how one overcomes obstacles, though—by facing them. There isn’t a lot to do if you don’t do that first. Anyway, I don’t remember what song I had on the brain at the beginning of the day, but last night I went to sleep listening to Great Lake Swimmers’ album “Lost Channels” and came across “She Comes to Me in Dreams”. It’s a little country-pop tune that almost has a power pop feel to it, thanks to the vocal melodies and heart-gushing lyrics. But all that pedal steel and somber production make the song seem right at home with the rest of the album, which I am pleasantly excited to listen to some more now. It kinda seemed like it was going to be lame at first!

Nettwerk Records

Nettwerk Records

Non-music-related points of interest: New windows almost in; woke up and found glass in the bed. Mom’s second-to-last day of chemo. Worked at Subway for an hour so I could get a free sandwich; realized Mark is baby-crazy. Received a rejection letter from KU in regards to the Administrative Associate, Sr. position I applied for last week; hit up an old work friend about hooking me up with a jizzob.

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